Dear Yoga

Dear Yoga,

Thank you for showing up in my life when I needed you the most. You have taught me valuable lessons and I will not be the same person without you. Maybe I am the same person, but you have taught me to accept myself. That itself was the biggest accomplishment I have yet to make. I can go on and on about how much you have changed my life, but to sum it up into 5 things you have done for me, here it goes…

5. Acceptance:
I have mentioned this already, but you have taught me to just love me for the way I am. My imperfections and my quirks make me unique. We all have our ups and downs, good and bad, but this is what makes us different. It gives us a different point of view, a new perception and yoga has truly taught me to just love that individuality about me and each and every one of you.

4. Follow my heart:
Maybe it’s that stillness through each pose. Yoga, you have taught me to truly follow my heart. When I engage my body and mind from pose to pose, I listen to what my body tells me, I put my ego aside and simply follow my heart and I’ve learned to carry this practice both on and off the mat.

3. Just Breathe:
Being in New York I tend to talk fast, think fast, walk fast, forgetting to just breathe. When I get on my mat and take that first deep breath, my body thanks you for keeping this breath alive. As it fills my belly and nourishes my body, I feel a strong connection between my mind, body and spirit and all it takes is one deep breath.

2. Gratitude:
When I go into Savasana, I am so deeply thankful for my body, my mind and all those people around me. Those who have constantly supported me and those who have taught me work hard. Without you all and the art of yoga, I wouldn’t be here. I am so thankful for everyone in my life, your kindness will always be cherished.

1. Happiness:
Tying it all together, yoga has taught me that happiness lies in the everyday things. The small moments in life, like simply breathing or showing appreciation to someone special is happiness. It’s not a destination or a grand point to get it; it is finding the spectacular in the everyday things and enjoying this journey called life.

Thank you!


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