What I learned from my very first Meditation

I rolled out my mat, went into my seated position, closed my eyes and began to breathe.  I slowly started to bring my attention to my breath as I quiet the mind. Thoughts flood in and out of my head, but I remind myself to simply observe.  A key thing I learned during my training was not to force these thoughts out nor to dwell on them, but to simply observe as they float around. I paid closer attention to my breath (not giving these thoughts energy was so tough) and allowed myself to look inside.

As this inward process deepened, my mind was becoming calmer, my body stood taller, a tear from my left eye trickled down. At this moment, I was here, this is now and that’s all that mattered. I felt my breath! I mean I really felt it enter my nose, work its way into my lungs, my ribs expanding, filling my diaphragm full of oxygen. I let go of everything and sat there in awe.

The fears I’ve had went away, the worries I was feeling no longer existed, and my mind stopped wandering a million miles. The power of this stillness was beyond what words can describe, but I’ll try my best to explain it. I realized all these fears, worries, paranoia I was having came from my ego. Capital E-G-O. I was astonished. It may seem obvious, but realizing how much my ego impacted my life was a huge deal.

This is when I began shed my skin and start a new layer. Every day I make a conscious effort to understand these fears and worries, and rather than let these emotions control me, I tell myself not to let my ego get the best of me. Some days, it is still work in progress. I take a note to self and learn from my actions and reactions. The more I do this, the more peace I bring inwards and the more peace I project outwards.  This became clearer as I made meditation part of my daily routine.

The art of Meditation is an important process of yoga and understanding who you are. Even if you can close your eyes just for a few minutes, take the time to look inwards and connect with yourself. You will be amazed at the new discoveries you’ll make. Please share your story with me. I would love to hear from you.

Love & Gratitude!


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