5 mantras to live by

1. Life isn’t a straight path: It has twists and turns and sometimes you have to back and forth or side to side. Its okay! Tell yourself “I am successful.” no matter where you are. The more you say this, the more your mind will believe it.  Believe that you are successful.

  • Challenge: Everyday when you look in the mirror, say “I am successful” – report in after a week of saying this!

2. Jump in: Seize the opportunities that arise. Don’t over think and short sell your abilities.  You are capable of anything.  Sometimes when I want to practice, I would spend 20 minutes thinking about my schedule for the day. I realized this was counter-productive.  Overtime I’ve learned to just do.

  • Challenge: Engage in what makes you happy…Stop over thinking and start doing! 🙂

3. Do what makes you happy: Each and every day! So you like to paint, read, write, math, science, spelling, making airplanes, etc.. Dedicate some time towards your passion (even if its 10 minutes a day) everyday. Make your hobby a priority, not just a side job!

  • Challenge: Put some time aside to do things that makes you happy – starting today, set up 10 minutes to actively engage in your passion, after a week increase this to 20 minutes. (After all practice makes perfect)

4. Make healthy happen: Eat healthy, sleep well, express feelings, be positive, drink water and exercise daily. Make healthy habits part of your lifestyle. Healthy = Happy!

  • Challenge: Put that soda aside and drink water. Put that bag of chips away and eat fruits!

5. Surround yourself with good company: Spend your days with people that will stand by your side and lift you up when you need support.

  • Challenge: Express your appreciation to someone that has positively impacted your life!

Be sure to report in on your challenges 🙂
Peace and Love!


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