Stare at your naked body

Stand in front of a mirror, strip down to nothing and stare.  I want you to stare at your naked body and start to observe everything…

How does it make you feel?  Empowered, liberated or ashamed?

Often times society shames us of the most natural thing – our bodies.  We are told to cover up since we were kids.  The very thought of a naked body creates awkwardness and even controversy.  We ourselves hate our bodies. Either we’re too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too dark, too light…the list goes on!

How can we break free from these bad habits?

1. Get naked everyday:
Free yourself from all the negative connotations. Get naked and truly accept your body in all its glory.  Love every inch, every curve and every line.  Let your body speak its own language and tell your unique story.

2. Be liberated:
We are restricted by our fears and getting naked can be a fearful experience.  However, staring at your bare self will feel so liberating. Its just you, learn to love this you. After all you are not the clothes you wear or the shoes you buy, you are this beautiful work of art. Its time to shatter all these media driven images and love your glorifying body.

3. Feel empowered:
Not ashamed.  But empowered! Let your body shine. The greatest thing about bodies is the diversity; all shapes, sizes and colors.  Why not embrace and empower ourselves through our difference and similarities?  Why should we feel shame? Naked is not wrong, its not a sin, its not meant to be a sexual object and its certainly not to be abused, hated, criticized or judged.  It is how we are born! Our naked body  protects us, helps us, gets us to places… I mean think of all the wonderful things your body allows you to do. Why torture it or shame it. Instead show it off, take care of it, appreciate it and simply love it!

Love & Gratitude,
Sathiya Yoga


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