A Plank a Day Challenge

I started making planks part of my daily routine. It is a great strength builder – not only physically, but also mentally. When I get in a plank my mind becomes focused and calm, thus cultivating strength and control to my body.  Here are some benefits/reasons why you should do a plank a day 🙂

1. Accessible and Convenient: You can do planks anywhere and anytime.  All you need is yourself and a mat!

2. Strength: Planks are perfect to gain strength in the core, arms, shoulders and back, but did you know planks are also great for the lower body? Including lower back, buttocks, legs and ankles. This is a pose that works out and brings strength to the entire body.

3. Alignment: Plank exercises improve posture by engaging core muscles and stabilizing the spine, hips and shoulders creating a nice straight alignment.

4. Mental Benefits: Because planks are so grounding and foundational, I let my mind stay relaxed as I begin to focus on the pose itself.  When the mind becomes focused in the now I let go of all the worries and chaos of the day. Planks also stretch and relax the muscles that are tensed throughout the day, this is a great stress relief for the body. As the body becomes stabilized and the mind concentrated in the moment, it can improve our mood.

The Plank a Day Challenge:

Option 1 – A plank a day:
Find the right time and place, get into a plank position and hold for 30 seconds everyday

Option 2 – 2 planks a day everyday
Morning Plank: Hold for 30 seconds
Night time Plank: Hold for 40 Seconds

If you stick to one of the above options, you should start seeing more strength in the arms and core in 10 days. Practice makes perfect so remember to discipline yourself and check in here to share your Plank a Day Challenge results!

Happy Planking 🙂
Sathiya Yoga

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