Time Machine

Over looking my bedroom window,
Large trees fill the backyard,
I can see the street lights through the branches and leaves.

The grass blades gliding through the midnight breeze 
neatly trimmed and well framed by the white fence
home for noisy crickets and fluttering light bugs

Moonlight reflecting off the fish pond
I can seen pines floating around
The ripples let you know theres life in the water

The quaint blue house lay in the middle
radiating energy from the memories of laughter and family
like a flower blooming vibrantly

The large white door made way into the yard,
encompassing barbecued afternoons and musical nights
It all looked entirely mystical from my room at this hour

As if we went back through a time machine
to a land far far away
where once upon a times and dragons and giants came to life

I close my eyes and let my mind travel
pieces of time and moments flash across my dreams
I silently sleep into the night…

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