No Shame in it..

I’m soaked. The rain had made its way heavy and rude. Each drop hit my face hard. I tried to look through the curtain of water for the small coffee shop. I couldn’t see ahead of me, the heavy rain blurred my vision. I walked faster pushing myself against the harsh wind. I was drenched, the inside of my shoes have formed a puddle, my clothes stuck to my body like glue, my hair limp and drippy.  Oh what I would do for a cup of warm coffee right now.

I looked towards my right side and there it was, the small coffee shop. Was it there all along or did I walk far enough to find it? I couldn’t recall my exact steps, but here it was – glorious and tantalizing. I open the creaky door and step in. I shamelessly shake off the excess water like a dog.

How can I help you? Said the old man behind the counter. Dry and neat. Large cup of coffee I said. My body shaking from the wet cold rain. Sure, he replied looking a bit annoyed. His eye brows questioned my being there as if I would ruin his cute shop. I didn’t care. I wanted to feel the warm, savory coffee in my mouth. He finally came back. I pulled out wet money and went to grab a seat.

Victory! I sip softly and slowly, enjoying every bit of the crisp flavor. Bold yet sweet. Mixed just right. The smell comforted my soul. The taste let me know this is worth it! I sat there in awe enjoying the cozy, warm, snuggled cup of coffee.

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