The Best Thing

I love the scent of waking up next to you. Yes, the scent. The mixture of your body and mine under the covers all night creates a sweet scent that I cannot resist. I sometimes wake up and literally smell you. Odd you might think, but it’s the best thing. I start with your forehead, slide my face against yours as I make my way down to your nose and your lips. I stay here for a while and steal some kisses.

You begin to nuzzle against my face in mid-sleep. Wake up, I whisper. You cuddle me in closer and wrap me up into a ball. Our body as one. Your hand slowly sliding up and down my right arm, I can feel the goose bumps all over my body. Your breath around my neck, my hair messy and in your face. I can stay right here sharing this bed with you all day. I don’t want to get up or leave this spot. Our home is this bed in each others arms. And it’s the best thing!

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