5 Healthy Habits

glass of soda wate and lemonForming healthy habits can be difficult. I’ve always wanted to know some simple things we can do everyday to live a healthier life style. Here are my top 5 healthy habits!

1. Morning lemon water

One of my favorite morning rituals is drinking a warm cup of lemon water. It’s easy to make and so refreshing. Some benefits of morning lemon water are: it energizes the body, freshens breath and aids digestion. I recommend a freshly squeezed morning lemon water to kick your day off right.

2. Drink plenty of water

On top of lemon water, drink filtered water all day everyday. The body is composed of mainly water (60%). Drinking plenty of water will clean out our systems, help us stay hydrated and balance the fluids. Water also helps our skin maintain elasticity. Keep a bottle of water by you at all times and sip through out the day.

3. Chew your food (at least 14 times)

This was a lesson learned the hard way. I was a swallower of food, till I started experiencing heartburn and indigestion. It would leave me so uncomfortable. One of the simplest yet amazing habits I formed is mindful eating. Chewing food at least 14 times in the mouth before swallowing improved my digestion a great deal. Because the food was broken down into smaller bits the body was able to understand what was coming in and perform its job easier. It also helped me savor and enjoy each bite. 🙂

4. Breathe deeply

Breathing is a powerful tool to create a calm and healthy life. It is the vital energy of the body. Every cell inside us lives on oxygen. Through out the day bring your focus to your breath and assess whether it’s fast and shallow or slow and deep. It’s important to breath deeply and steadily. As you become aware of your breath, slow down it down and begin to engage your belly by expanding it on each inhalation and drawing it back on each exhalation. This will instill relaxation and release stress.

5. Sleep well

Get plenty of rest everyday. We work hard and long. Taking 20-minute naps in between the day will help you stay alert and energized. If it’s difficult to find naptime, get 6-8 hours of consistent sleep every night. Consistency is the key; whether you are a morning bird or a night owl, create a sleep routine. Allowing your body to get consistent rest is good for your skin, the mind and overall health.

Enjoy your journey to a healthier life-style!

With love,
Sathiya Yoga

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