A child clings by the mother’s hips.

Safe. It’s safe here. I am safe here.

The mother embraces the child.
You are safe my darling.
You are safe with me

Safe. Safe. Safe.
Be safe. Stay safe.
Steer clear of unseen.
Don’t speak the unknown.

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The Best Thing

I love the scent of waking up next to you. Yes, the scent. The mixture of your body and mine under the covers all night creates a sweet scent that I cannot resist. I sometimes wake up and literally smell you. Odd you might think, but it’s the best thing. I start with your forehead, slide my face against yours as I make my way down to your nose and your lips. I stay here for a while and steal some kisses.

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No Shame in it..

I’m soaked. The rain had made its way heavy and rude. Each drop hit my face hard. I tried to look through the curtain of water for the small coffee shop. I couldn’t see ahead of me, the heavy rain blurred my vision. I walked faster pushing myself against the harsh wind. I was drenched, the inside of my shoes have formed a puddle, my clothes stuck to my body like glue, my hair limp and drippy.  Oh what I would do for a cup of warm coffee right now.

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Time Machine

Over looking my bedroom window,
Large trees fill the backyard,
I can see the street lights through the branches and leaves.

The grass blades gliding through the midnight breeze 
neatly trimmed and well framed by the white fence
home for noisy crickets and fluttering light bugs

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