Time Machine

Over looking my bedroom window,
Large trees fill the backyard,
I can see the street lights through the branches and leaves.

The grass blades gliding through the midnight breeze 
neatly trimmed and well framed by the white fence
home for noisy crickets and fluttering light bugs

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Stare at your naked body

Stand in front of a mirror, strip down to nothing and stare.¬† I want you to stare at your naked body and start to¬†observe everything…

How does it make you feel?  Empowered, liberated or ashamed?

Often times society shames us of the most natural thing – our bodies.¬† We are told to cover up since we were kids.¬† The very thought of a naked body creates awkwardness and even controversy.¬† We ourselves hate our bodies. Either we’re too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too dark, too light…the list goes on!

How can we break free from these bad habits?

1. Get naked everyday:
Free yourself from all the negative connotations. Get naked and truly accept your body in all its glory.  Love every inch, every curve and every line.  Let your body speak its own language and tell your unique story.

2. Be liberated:
We are restricted by our fears and getting naked can be a fearful experience.  However, staring at your bare self will feel so liberating. Its just you, learn to love this you. After all you are not the clothes you wear or the shoes you buy, you are this beautiful work of art. Its time to shatter all these media driven images and love your glorifying body.

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5 mantras to live by

1.¬†Life isn’t a straight path:¬†It has twists and turns and sometimes you have to back and forth or side to side. Its okay! Tell yourself “I am successful.” no matter where you are. The more you say this, the more your mind will believe it. ¬†Believe that you are successful.

  • Challenge: Everyday when you look in the mirror, say “I am successful” – report in after a week of saying this!

2.¬†Jump in:¬†Seize the opportunities that arise. Don’t over think and short sell your abilities. ¬†You are capable of anything. ¬†Sometimes when I want to practice, I would spend 20 minutes thinking about my schedule for the day. I realized this was counter-productive. ¬†Overtime I’ve learned to just do.

  • Challenge: Engage in what makes you happy…Stop over thinking and start doing! ūüôā

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Build your Foundation through Chaturanga Dandasana

This is one of the toughest poses for me.¬† It requires a great deal of strength and energy.¬† I’m talking about¬†Chaturanga Dandasana (Four Limbed Staff Pose), a key foundational pose in yoga.¬† Practicing Chaturanga will develop the strength needed for intermediate to advance arm balances and inversions.

Getting into Chaturanga Dandasana – Four Limbed Staff Pose

1. Start from plank (Shoulders aligned with wrists, tailbone tucked in and abs engaged).
2. Spread your fingers with equal distance in-between (press into the mat with the inner knuckle mounds of your hands).

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