A child clings by the mother’s hips.

Safe. It’s safe here. I am safe here.

The mother embraces the child.
You are safe my darling.
You are safe with me

Safe. Safe. Safe.
Be safe. Stay safe.
Steer clear of unseen.
Don’t speak the unknown.

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5 mantras to live by

1. Life isn’t a straight path: It has twists and turns and sometimes you have to back and forth or side to side. Its okay! Tell yourself “I am successful.” no matter where you are. The more you say this, the more your mind will believe it.  Believe that you are successful.

  • Challenge: Everyday when you look in the mirror, say “I am successful” – report in after a week of saying this!

2. Jump in: Seize the opportunities that arise. Don’t over think and short sell your abilities.  You are capable of anything.  Sometimes when I want to practice, I would spend 20 minutes thinking about my schedule for the day. I realized this was counter-productive.  Overtime I’ve learned to just do.

  • Challenge: Engage in what makes you happy…Stop over thinking and start doing! 🙂

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